Easily and effectively recover or repair damaged audio and video files. Perfectly repair AVI, WMV, Divx, ASF, XVID, MP3, WAV, WMA, MP2, VOB, MPEG, MOV and other popular video and audio files. It also allows you to repair your damaged media files. Once you input the damaged files, it will scan and detect the damage automatically.

Avi Divx Wmv Real Mp3 Media Fixer Pro Key Features:

1. Completely Repair The damaged video files.
2. Completely repair the damaged audio files.
3. Automatically detect the damaged video/audio files.
4. Preferable to repair the damaged media files.
5. Repair broken media files of different formats.
6. All-in-one and Easy-to-use.

Batch Processing:

Batch processing allows you to scan and repair multiple damaged media files. It will scan all the files in the folder you input, and then automatically repair them. The file names are shown in the preview window.

No Precedence Order:

You can choose your preferred scan order, so the damaged items can be repaired in any order.

Start Repairing Media Files Immediately:

You can start repairing the damaged media files immediately after you finish inputting files.

Use Custom Mode:

Use Custom Mode to repair the damaged media files. You can set an interval or a timer to repair the damaged files automatically, and you can also repair the damaged files according to the naming rule you want.

Select Items From Pre-Defined List:

After scanning and fixing all the damaged files, you can choose the repairing items from a pre-defined list.

Scanned And Fixed Items:


You can easily check the quality of all the repaired files by previewing them.

Excellent, the program is working very fast and effectively. A great program.

Working well, thank you very much.

It works great for me. No problems. It’s great.

Good, thank you.

I could easily fix all the corrupted files and they were really good, thanks.

I downloaded and installed your program and it works well. Thanks for a great program.

Works well, thanks.

I am impressed with the speed of your software and it works great!

It works perfectly. eea19f52d2

Rainbow is a dedicated FM synth with oscillators, resonant filter, chorus and step sequencer. It is heavily based on FM programming principles but also contains a few unusual and unique features:
– Oscillators can amplitude-modulate each other for unusual ringing textures.
– The onboard step sequencer can be used to generate hypnotic patterns and unique effects.
– Microtonal support is also available.
– Three free downloadable presets will be given with the download.
– Rainbow can be used for art, music or engineering applications.
– 4 voices with 4 oscillators per voice, each with 4 waveforms (Sine, Saw, Square, Triangle).
– A multimode resonant filter with up to -12 dB/oct or -24 dB/oct slopes, and separate HP, LP, BP resonant filters.
– 4 octaves of fretted notes (0-23) with mod wheel and pitch bend for all notes.
– Fourteen operator parameters.
– Fourteen modulation routings.
– Dual audio inputs (mono/stereo).
– Two stereo outputs.
– A step sequencer.
– A dedicated button to turn the module on and off.
– A dedicated mixer panel with all parameters controllable with a MIDI CC (CC #7-20).
– A dedicated user interface with a single screen.
– A flexible user interface with a rich set of commands and dialogs.
– A dedicated menu for the majority of the parameters.
– A dedicated interface for the step sequencer.
– A dedicated keyboard interface.
– A dedicated MIDI keyboard interface.
– A MIDI Clock and MIDI Clock enable/disable buttons.
– Dual MIDI channel outputs for standard MIDI or MIDI over USB.
– A serial port interface for programming using any MIDI sequencer.
– MIDI learning.
– MIDI and audio clock synchronization.
– A speaker level meter for each voice.
– A mixer panel with dedicated volume controls for all channels.
– Dual audio inputs.
– 4 stereo outputs.
– Fourteen operator parameters.
– Fourteen modulation routings.
– Fourteen preset banks.
– 2 preset banks included.
– Microtonal support.
– Fretboard.
– 22 dedicated knobs.
– A dedicated mixer panel with all parameters controllable with a MIDI CC (CC #7-20).
– A dedicated user interface with a rich set

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