Keymacro is an easy-to-use tool to easily create multimedia key sequences in Windows.Keymacro is a powerful multimedia key-capturing tool that can capture a simple keystroke, or multiple keystrokes (a combination of multiple keys) at the same time. It is essential for keyboard navigation, time-saving and system administration.With Keymacro, it is easy to capture a set of keys, or a complex key combination.You can capture keystrokes in a specific window or in the entire desktop. To launch the software, press the Windows+R keys at the same time, then type Keymacro in the Open box.Press one of the three buttons in the tool window: Capture; Retrieve; Options. If you want to capture all the keys on the keyboard, press the Capture button. If you want to retrieve one key, press the Retrieve button. If you want to edit the key sequence, use the options window to do so.
KEYmacro lets you record keystrokes in a window or the entire desktop, in the following way:
The tool window in KEYmacro will display the keyboard as it appears to you.You may use the mouse to select the buttons to be captured.You may choose to capture a single key by pressing it, or several keys by holding down the SHIFT and pressing the keys one by one.You may capture as many keys as you want, by pressing and holding down the SHIFT key, and pressing the keys one by one.KEYmacro allows you to record keystrokes and store them in any file, including *.txt and *.xml.To record a new key sequence, press the Capture button.To display the options window, press the Options button.To edit the recorded key sequence, press the Options button.To save the key sequence to a file, press the Save button.To exit, press the Exit button.Keymacro can record all the keystrokes you need to perform a multimedia sequence, then help you to perform it, for example: Capture keyboard keys or a complex key combination to the clipboard.Retrieve the sequence in the file.Compare the sequence with the sequence you just retrieved.Switch between the sequence in the file and the sequence you just retrieved.Sending the sequence to another application to perform the sequence.KEYmacro is not just a recording tool, it is also an easy-to-use tool to record many other sequences, including multimedia key sequences. You may record multimedia keys d82f892c90

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Create a new Macro in Microsoft Office products. You can create Macros in the following versions of Office: Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, Office 2007 and Office 2010. If a document does not contain a Macro, or the document that contains the Macros is damaged, you cannot recover it.Q:

How to handle the information that a user has voted many times in the comments?

The user posted a comment and then the user left a comment and voted his comment. The original user’s comment was deleted because the user left too many comments. The user’s vote was also deleted because he left too many comments.
What is a good way to handle this situation?


Simply and in line with the guidelines, link to the user’s profile and flag the comment.
Vote counts are not public and will not be affected by any of this.


It should be handled as it is stated on the faq:

If a comment you’ve made is deleted, you’ll no longer be able to see the comments you’ve posted. If you were last to post a comment, we won’t be able to delete your comment or vote on it. If your comment is deleted, there’s a chance that other people’s votes will be deleted too, so if you’d like to make sure your comment remains visible, be last to post it.



set application-wide standard directory via Qt

I would like to set the standard directory for my application via Qt, in order to prevent my users from having to specify the full path to a file for example.
I could simply add a couple of lines in the main function, but I don’t want to do this.
Is there any way to define the application-wide default directory for files using Qt?


There’s no Qt way of doing that.
You have a couple of options.

The most basic is to simply use the absolute paths:
QDir directory(“absolute-path”);
QFile file(“file.ext”, “r”);

There’s not a lot of benefit to using paths like this though, as it won’t work if you install the app in different places, and it’s a pain to deal with.
Use the QSettings class to save the values of some of the key directories in a file and read them back in. You could create the file yourself or you could just

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