OutSystems Platform is a desktop application that helps you develop Web programs for the modern platforms. You can build Web applications using several techniques and work with the most popular modern frameworks. You may create Web sites, Web APIs and Web services.
OutSystems Platform gives you the ability to build applications that work across all the major OS platforms. It includes the ability to debug the programs and to upload them to the cloud.
Best Features of OutSystems Platform
• Visual programming: drag-and-drop.
• Wide range of development techniques.
• Cloud architecture.
• App deployment and management.
• Monitoring, logging and alerting.
• Debugging.
• High-end architecture.
• Extensible platform.
System Requirements:
• Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1
• 1 GB RAM
• 8 GB free disk space
•.Net Framework 4.5
• Display resolution 1024×768 or higher
• Internet access

DeePixel Image Resizer is an image processing tool that allows you to resizing, cropping, rotating and optimizing a selected image or photo. The tool includes a built-in editor, supports unlimited number of images, can resize images up to 18MP and also features the ability to integrate it with other programs.
You may resize up to 20000 images, crop up to a 3200px-wide image, rotate up to 360 degrees, improve the overall contrast of an image and add watermarks. The app allows you to use a template or automatically create one, so you may resize the image, crop and rotate it while using the built-in editor.
DeePixel Image Resizer is a simple, powerful and flexible software that allows you to carry out image processing tasks and resize images without having to use a separate software.
Key features:
• High-quality image resizing.
• Built-in editor.
• Unlimited number of images.
• Ability to resize up to 18MP images.
• Support for all major image formats.
• Crop images up to 3200px-wide.
• Automatically create watermark.
• Ability to resize, crop and rotate an image.
• Built-in templates.
• Export and import images.
• Preview images.
• Integrates with other software.
• Large file support.
System Requirements:
•.Net Framework 4.5 or higher.
• Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8 eea19f52d2


1. Make Excel spreadsheet for AutoCAD, such as “time bill of material”, “block, area & length”.
2. Import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD
3. Use the AutoXlsTable for AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD to create table in AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD, or import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD
4. Update table to original Excel spreadsheet, can keep the table updated to original Excel spreadsheet
5. The original Excel spreadsheet contains many advanced filter, calculation and export operations, such as time/date/format/row/column selection, control lists, and free-style extraction.
6. Save the result table to the original Excel spreadsheet as an excel sheet.
7. Import result excel sheet into another Excel spreadsheet
8. Override Excel text style/size/color with that of AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD
9. Block quantity calculation
10. Area/ length calculation
11. CAD Platform
12. Import Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD
13. Update table
14. Update table whose original Excel spreadsheet was modified
15. Be able to separate table geometry into Text and Borderline layers.
16. All imported are AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD entities which are fully editable, not suffering the limitations of OLE technology
17. Be able to edit table with Excel over and over
18. Update Function supports local area network (LAN)
19. What you see in Excel is what you get in AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD
20. Override Excel text style/size/color with AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD’s
21. Block quantity calculation
22. Area/ length calculation
23. Be able to switch between Excel text properties and AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD’s
24. Table, block, area and length properties
25. Override Excel text style/size/color with AutoCAD/MicroStation/IntelliCAD’s
26. Block quantity calculation
27. Area/ length calculation
28. Schedule/BOM
29. Cost estimation
30. Keep it up-to-date
31. Import and export Excel spreadsheet
32. Update table
33. AutoXlsTable for Auto

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