KeyMacro enables you to easily automate keyboard shortcuts in your favorite applications. Using this program you can assign actions to keyboard shortcuts easily. Shortcuts can be copied and pasted and are customizable. KeyMacro was designed to work with all major applications like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can also set the hotkeys to be available for all apps on your computer. You can assign actions to keyboard shortcuts easily, you can also assign multiple actions to a shortcut, such as opening multiple programs at the same time, search a word and more. Using KeyMacro you can add shortcuts to your favorite apps. If you are on Windows, search for KeyMacro to download and install KeyMacro. For Mac OS X and Linux users search for KeyMacro or download for Mac OS X. KeyMacro is compatible with all major applications, you can use it to assign shortcuts in Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Linux. You can also set the hotkeys to be available for all apps on your computer. KeyMacro is for both Windows and Mac OS X users. KeyMacro can be used to create shortcuts for copying, pasting, opening new tabs in any browser or a web browser. You can use KeyMacro to remove spaces from the clipboard, remove extra blank lines and line breaks from the clipboard, clear your history, and copy a line from the clipboard. KeyMacro is compatible with all major applications like Windows, Android, iOS, Mac OS X, and Linux.
What is new in this release:
1. New more features
2. Removed the ads for some applications
3. Improved the app icon
4. Improved the license file to support more applications.
Keymacro 1.0.2 Features
Add to favorites: You can add a program or website to favorites. Easily add favorites to the Favorites Bar.
Added support for adding programs/sites from the application directory.
Fixed error message to inform the user if a preference file is in use by the program.
Fixed error message to inform the user if a Favorites Bar option is already in use by another program.
Fixed an error that occurred if several programs were installed using the same extension.
Fixed a rare crash.
Added support for PPPoE/PPPoA and PPTP in the Preferences dialog.
Improved the user interface to make it easier to navigate.
Fixed an error that occurred when trying to load a website that was blocked 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO is a free notepad utility for Windows that allows you to use macros to automate text replacement.


One of the major reasons I created KeyMacro is that the time I spent developing it was a waste. It’s the best free Windows keyboard macro tool I’ve found.


About the first question: the solution is totally up to you, but if you use more than one monitor you can use screen.
Open screen (console, X or Cygwin) and enter screen -S “Screenname” -L “Location” “Command”
In order to get multiple screen sessions you could enter:
screen -S “Screenname” -L “Location” “Command”
screen -S “Screenname” -L “Location” “Command”
screen -S “Screenname” -L “Location” “Command”
And so on.
If you want to get back to the main screen session just enter:
screen -S “Screenname” -X
More info about screen:
About the second question: I’m using git. There’s a config that contains my repository and I save the log files in the repository with a custom log format.
Every time I need to get the log file I use git log -n -i -S”” .log | tail -n1 | grep -i string


-i means ignore leading spaces
-n means get the lines starting from the commit
-S means split by whitespaces
– grep will only show what I want (the commit message) and won’t print the commit message (so it’s the log message from the commit I’m looking for).


Are there infinitely many primes of the form $4n^2+3n+2$

I have a question about the form $4n^2+3n+2$ (not written in that form).
The question is, are there infinitely many primes of the form $4n^2+3n+2$? I mean primes that are not of the form $4n^2+3n+3$ or $4n^2+3n+4$ (of course $2$ and $3$ are already prime of that form). I have seen proofs on

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