Keymacro lets you type or speak on your PC, and press a key on your keyboard to control music playing on Windows Media Player. This is an alternative to key macros that use the Windows OS-provided Hotkey macro feature. Keymacro requires no additional software or drivers to work.
Keymacro lets you use the Windows Media Player controls to navigate, view, and control music playing on your computer. You can also configure a hot key combination to open the player.

SoliCall Pro Major Features:
Speech recognition
Speech recognition and transcription
SoliCall Pro offers advanced speech recognition and transcription technology. It can recognize a speech and convert it into text in real time. You can do the following with your voice:
Play music, use multimedia applications and more
Use speech to play music, use the VocalTec speech to text converter to convert a speech into text, or use SPM for transcription. You can do all this from the same window.
Create speech files with a speech recognizer
Record a speech file to use it later or for a trainer
You can use the speech files you create to provide training to an offline speech recognizer on your computer. You can then have the recognizer recognize your voice in real time or offline.
Personalize the speech recognizer
You can customize the speech recognizer to recognize your voice. You can choose a voice from your list of registered voices and change the language or modify the acoustic and lexical models of the recognizer to improve its recognition.
Customize your speech files
SoliCall Pro offers support for speech files. You can convert an audio file into speech by using a voice recognizer. You can customize a text file to include a speech recognizer or transcript. You can also customize a text file to include an acoustic model.
Create speech files from a voice
You can record a voice using SPM. You can then use SPM to create a text file that contains speech recognition and transcription information. You can then use the file to create a speech file.
Integrate with other Windows speech applications
Speech to text converters included with Windows can’t provide reliable speech recognition and transcription. However, speech to text converters that use SPM can provide reliable recognition and transcription. SoliCall Pro can also be used with other Windows speech recognition and transcription software. You can use speech recognition and transcription features to allow SoliCall Pro to use the speech 384a16bd22

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WinWinMacro is a simple to use software tool for controlling the Maxell WINMASTER data transmission interface for the Maxell WINMASTER U2514A, U2514B, U2516A and U2516B, MAXIMA U2514A, MAXIMA U2514B, MAXIMA U2516A, MAXIMA U2516B, and MAXIMA data communications transceivers. You can use this software tool to monitor the WINMASTER interface status, as well as set it to the desired state.

Buttersafe-WOW is a free PC antivirus software that offers an easy way to protect your computer. It runs automatically in the background of your Windows system and prevents files from being installed if they are suspected of containing malware or spyware.

File Query is a small tool to search files for a list of patterns (regular expressions). It is very easy to use and can be used to search your entire system or selected directories for files containing a list of strings (for example, an IP address).


File Monitor is a small utility for monitoring files, log files and the registry.
It is designed to watch for changes in these files and log a timestamp for each change.
All watched files, including log files, can be selected individually. The program continuously monitors the files and saves any changes to a log file.

◦ One log file for each watched file or folder.
◦ Multiple log files for the same file.
◦ The program can watch several files and/or folders.
◦ The program’s monitoring can be set to wait for an exact number of bytes or it can monitor for change in byte count.
◦ The program’s monitoring can be set to wait for an exact number of days or it can monitor for change in last modification time.
◦ The program’s monitoring can be set to wait for an exact number of hours or it can monitor for change in last modification time.

RemuxOne is a simple GUI-based multi-video converter. A graphical user interface was designed to allow the user to easily choose video and audio parameters. The program can process one or many input files and also produces a single output file for each input.

File Lock is a small tool that can restrict access to selected files.
It keeps a count of the number of times that a file is accessed. If the number of accesses reaches a pre-defined

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