* CPU-based Full HARDWARE test.
* CPU stability test for HOMEPC’s.
* Tests RAID, SCSI, BIOS and hardware (RAM, HDD, PIC, DIMM, etc.)
* Check for correct functionality.
* Full test in graphic mode (or Full Screen)
* Display log.
* Save test results.
* AFT Screen/Text.
* Save results in CSV.
* Auto test.
* User-friendly interface.

* User-friendly and attractive interface.
* Test CPU, hard drives, RAID and RAM.
* Test RAID (in card/on board).
* Tests a PC BIOS (configuration).
* Test quality of hard drives.
* Test quality of RAM.
* Test drive.
* Save test results.
* Saves test results in CSV format.
* Test in graph and text mode.
* Test PC/computer in Full Screen or in window.
* Check for correct functionality.
* Test RAM (DIMM).
* Test HDD (desktop and portable).
* Test RAID.
* Tries to find out the “good” settings.
* Test results can be saved.
* Test results can be saved in CSV.
* Full AUTO.
* Save tests results.
* Test in time: 1 – 12 hours.
* Test in time: 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, and 180 minutes.
* Test on all current processors.
* Auto-Test.
* Full Screen or window.
* Save the results in the CSV format.
* Running in graph and text mode.
* The user will be able to control the test.
* The user will be able to see the test results.
* The user will be able to save the test results.
* User-friendly interface.
* The user will be able to make a manual test in any way.
* The user will be able to make a manual test in any way.
* Tests CPU, RAM, hard drives and BIOS.
* Tests a PC BIOS configuration.
* This is a tested utility.
* Full-screen test.
* User-friendly interface.
* Test CPU.
* Test RAM (DIMM).
* Test HDD.
* Test RAID.
* Test hard drives (desktop and portable).
* Checks the motherboard configuration. d82f892c90

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Mobile Action is not the first fitness application for the iPhone, but it does the best job of integrating into the OS. With up to three full body and three full track tests per day, this app can last a couple of months. If you’re an on-the-go person, you need this app.

Good News, People!

We are aware that there are a number of other apps on the App Store that claim to be iPhone trackers but, in reality, many of them do not perform well. AFAIK, we only have TrackCat running on the App Store and we are extremely proud of it. In addition, the App is completely free!

We have designed the application to fit right into the iPhone operating system and to look amazing on the iPhone 3G screen. The main screen is a dashboard that provides you with easy access to your workouts.

The application has plenty of features:

Tracks your progress day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute

Record your heart rate

Determine your Max Heart Rate

Report your distance and time

Track on your ride bike or walk

Record your speed and your cadence

Activity charts

Power Graph

Bluetooth integration

Trying to remember your totals? You can find your totals in an optional workout summary.


Helpful features like a timer, distance, heart rate, speed, cadence, calories, etc.

A view that allows you to switch between laps, series, test, day, hour, minute and year

Works with a full or half track workout

Tracks, monitors and reports your daily progress

Tracks your cardio zone

Record your maximum heart rate

Calorie counting

Tracks your weight

Tracks your cholesterol

Never forget a workout again

Easy to use with intuitive and clear screens

Tests can be done any time and anywhere

View your progress on a map

Helps you to keep yourself motivated by the fact that you can choose a friend and compare his or her progress with yours

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