KeyMacro is a macro editor for MS Office 2000/2003. It enables you to define macros, record macros and replay macros in a quick and easy way. It has a ribbon interface and provides a powerful API to interact with macros.
The ribbon interface has 4 main tabs:

Macro Editor: This tab contains various buttons and controls.
Code View: This tab contains a textarea which is used for macro code editing.
Object Inspector: This tab contains a tree view for objects such as text, shapes and bitmaps.
Debug View: This tab contains a textarea which is used for debugging and testing macros.

Macros are recorded in an instant and are activated by pressing the record button on the ribbon. Recording a macro takes less than a second.
Macros are synchronized between Office 2000, Office 2003 and Office 2007.
Macro files created by KeyMacro can be executed directly from the macros toolbar in Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007.
All objects that are used in macros are visualized in the Object Inspector.
Simplified API which makes it easier to develop macros and to interact with macros.


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KEYMACRO is a small utility which can convert keystrokes, mouse clicks, text edits, and system events into a macro recording of your choice. You can then use this macro to repeat any or all of these actions later.
KEYMACRO can record keystrokes as well as mouse clicks, edit text, text files, line text, HTML, SQL, web pages, PDF files, and more. It can also play your own sounds, and can use these sounds to accompany the events. It records keystrokes, mouse clicks, text edits, and system events, but does not edit existing files or programs; KEYMACRO simply records what it sees.
How KEYMACRO works:
The computer monitors all keystrokes and mouse clicks. When you click on a button, it sends this information to KEYMACRO. The application processes this information into a macro. You can then play this macro back later. If you choose, KEYMACRO can record any event that occurs on the computer. This can include keystrokes, mouse clicks, text edits, or any event that the operating system can capture and understand.
KEYMACRO can also record text edits. This can be used for many purposes. For example, you can record a long document, make corrections, and then replay the corrected document. You can also use it to build searchable text that you can edit later to add words or phrases. You can even record a long process, such as playing a program or a game. KEYMACRO makes it easy to stop, rewind, and replay a game or program.
KEYMACRO is extremely versatile, and can support a wide range of programs. It can record or play back a wide variety of types of documents: text files, web pages, PDF files, line text, HTML, SQL, web pages, and more.
KEYMACRO has its own powerful search capability. You can search for records in any kind of document. You can also search for specific words or phrases. This helps you find what you are looking for quickly. You can also use the search function to find records that are closely related to each other. For example, you might search for “classroom” and find a record of a class you took a few years ago.
With its powerful editing capabilities, KEYMACRO can be used for a wide variety of purposes. You can make simple corrections to your text documents. You can remove any unwanted or extraneous words or sentences. You can even add or

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