InData is a unique data publishing technology that provides you with the ability to format your data document
as part of the normal document production process. InData does this by using predefined macros
to format the document and change its appearance on a page-by-page basis. You can embed
an InData document in a separate file and subsequently process that file without any changes
to the appearance of the InData document itself.
Data formatting only occurs when the document is published, which means that you can format
pages as part of the workflow and avoid a document over-lay. You can also easily export
your data document to other file formats, including HTML, XML and PDF. InData provides
you with the ability to format your data document as a Web page or Web site. This can be used to
make your data document more accessible to your customers and to share your data document with
How do you use it?

Start by adding a data document to a publication, using the File menu.
Next you need to select the page to which you want the data formatted.
InData will format the document on the page.
To stop the process, you can either deselect the page or select another page.
Now you can edit your document and save it using the File menu.
When you save the InData document, InData creates a temporary file which contains a
temporary InData object and the data that you have embedded in the InData document.
Note that if you change the document after you have embedded it, this does not change
the original InData document.
To reuse the InData document, you need to duplicate it using the File menu.
You can now change the document and any changes will be made to the original InData
document. To stop the process, you can either deselect the document or select another
document to change. The temporary file that was created earlier is removed.
Start by selecting the page to which you want the data formatted.
Next select the menu option “Format data,” which is in the “Format” menu.
You now see the Format Data dialog box with the “Document Source” pane.
InData will format the data on the page.
In the Format Data dialog box, the data field name is selected and is the default.
The default font and size of the data is set. You can also specify the data fields and
the column order.
To stop the process 384a16bd22

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• Data Type – Helium allows you to quickly discover certain data types in your files, which enables you to create specific macros for those specific data types.
• Easy Import – The user interface is very intuitive and allows you to import files with ease. The add-in allows you to easily add the code you need and run it without having to create any macros.
• Remarkable Look – The data-typing mechanism allows you to visually distinguish the data in your files, which is very important when you have huge datasets.
• Automation – You can create macros for specific data types which automatically generate relevant macro functions and are compatible with most other add-ins.
• Accessibility – The add-in is compatible with both iWork and OS X, so you can easily transfer files to a Mac or PC.

Helium is a list of data discovery macros that allows the user to easily discover certain data types in your files and creates macros to access those data types.
The user interface is very intuitive and allows the user to add, save and run macros very quickly.

Helpful thread:


Helium for Spotfire is available free to all users as part of the Helium Workbench.

If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us at

[email protected]

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